• 1.What type of management runs this school?
  • Jnana Prabodhini is a Public Charitable Trust registered under Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act and a Registered Society registered under societies Act.
  • 2.What are the sources of income of JPP?
  • The major share is through the school fees but that is not sufficient. The rest share comes from school alumni in the form of Guru dakshina and donations from well wishers. The school does not take any donation or capitation fee at the time of admission.
  • 3.How well can children coming from vernacular schools cope up with CBSE syllabus?
  • Initially some children do face a few difficulties because of little exposure to English language but later students adapt themselves to new situation.
  • 4.Whether the school has adequate infrastructural facilities?
  • The school has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and computer. It has separate rooms for Social Sciences and Music. The classrooms are equipped with audio-vosual facilities. The Central library of JPP has a rich variety of 50,000 books and more than 50 magazines. It also contains about 300 educational CDs and 100 video cassettes. The school does not have its own playground but it hires facilities of other institutions. The school recommends the text-books approved/published by NCERT & CBSE but it encourages use of multiple text books, reference books and web based material available on the internet.
  • 5.What is the annual schedule of school?
  • The academic year of JPP begins in the first week of June and ends on 30th April. There is first term break of 3 weeks in the form of Deepawali vacation.

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