Dal - The evening activity (Daily Sports)

While striving for an all round development of our students, we devote careful attention to their physical development. Though the school building is located in the heart of the town, enough play grounds have been aquired on rent and training is given in Indian as well as foreign games. Students have won championship shields in interschool meets in Kabaddi, KhoKho, Hockey etc. and have displayed exceptional merit.

Sports Camps

Swimming, camping, trekking and mountaineering keep them in the pink of health. A public display of their major achievments is organised once every year and is greatly appreciated by all.


Alongwith sports yoga is also essential for rejuvenating the body and energizing the mind. Yoga gives the power to control body and mind.

Trekking – Adventure Camps

Adventure is encouraged at every stage of the school programme and participation is exuberent. 2 or 3 such adventure trips every year give the students confidence to face emergency with fortitude.

  • Extra curricular activities at

  • Jnana Prabodhini Prashala

  • Annual sports day presentation by

  • students of Jnana Prabodhini Prashala


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