Special Rooms

Special Rooms

Jnana Prabodhini always believes in experimenting, rather it itself is addressed as “An experiment in Education”. Along with the traditional/common rooms like Computer-Aided Classrooms, Library, Computer Lab and Science Laboratories; Prashala has other special rooms like :

  • Language Lab
  • Geography Room
  • Abhivyakti (Expression Skill) Room
  • Auditoriums
  • Meditation Room

Math Lab

The traditional approach of Maths teaching-learning is more or less restricted to the Text-book note-book syndrome. In this approach, the teaching-learning process becomes too abstract, formal, and logical. The Maths lab seeks to balance and complement it by making available hands-on, tangible, informal, intuitive, and engaging real-life opportunities and experiences.

Dhadpad Lab – Maker's Space

A laboratory-based on the principal 'Learning while doing using creativity' – Dhadpad Lab or Maker's space is a newly added attraction to the school. At Makers’ space, we are most interested in developing the physical and mental context that allows students to get started and continue to develop new skills that lead to choosing more challenging projects and more interesting opportunities for themselves in the future. Maker's seek out opportunities to learn to do new things especially through 'Do It Yourself'. The division between subjects like maths, arts, and science dissolves when you are making things with your own hands. Making is an interdisciplinary endeavor. It is not about being a winner or loser, it is about everyone making things better.

Course Work @ Dhadpad

Topics Standard
Carpentry 5,  & 7th
Paper Work 5 & 7th
Mechanical  Work 6 & 8th
Designing 6 & 8th
Electronics 9th
Creative Problem Solving 10 th