The real personal development of the individual goes hand in hand with the study of society, mankind and Divinity.'Motivating intelligence for social change' is the motto of our school. For the purpose, the chidren should go to the people and see what is the real world around them. A number of activities are arranged for getting a picture of the society.

Social Activities

For gifted student, it is necessary that he learns to merge himself in the masses participating in activities arranged by others, i.e. in community festivals. JP has chosen 2 such community festivals where participation of the students is expected. Most of the students start enjoying it right from their first participation. In Maharashtra there is a tradition of devotees going to Pandharpur, the holy place of pilgrimage. Devotees from all directions go walking distances of hundreds of kms. Usually a day’s march is of 15 to 20 kms. Ever since the school started, students of JP have been joining these crowds in their festive mood and march with them, thus imbibing rich experience.

Another popular festival is that of Lord ‘Ganesh’. In Pune city itself about 200 groups install idols of Lord Ganesh for a period of 10 days. This period is marked for its decorations, music, singing, lectures, concerts and general gaiety. On the 10 day, all idols are taken in many processions and immersed in the local river. Students of JP participate in this procession as a group and perform a very dynamic, collective, rhythmic dance. JP’s boys have been participating in such procession since the beginning of the school. Such participation in local cultural events creates social awareness very rapidly. The school has earned reputation all over the State due to a disciplined yet very dynamic participation in this Ganesh festival. Participation also gives insight into various practices and traditions in the festival.

Social Activities

Study Tours

At school and during the weekly time table, students learn about History, Geography, Constitution and the Political set up in India. They thus become aware of natural or political/ social upheavals taking place in various regions of India. JPP encourages a healthy curiosity on the part of students about such events and arranges study tours for such purpose.

Rural Camps

The 8th, 9th students go & stay in rural areas for a few days in a year. They become aware of the educational and social situations of the rural boys and girls of their age. It arouses sympathy for the disadvantaged & deprived. Stay in a tent at a scenic place, a routine that makes you independent, work experience that establishes prestige of labor in the students’ minds, the eye-opening harsh realities of the rural life, singing patriotic songs around the campfire, making resolutions with a activist……that’s camping. Such experiences are worth a thousand words in a book.

Current Affairs

In our globalised world current affairs everywhere have a huge impact on our lives, most of the time without us even realising it. An action in one part will almost certainly cause a reaction in another. In order to understand the relationships between events occurring everywhere in the world, you need to know about the events occurring everywhere in the world. It gives a chance to introspect and control our actions accordingly. To inculcate this habit in children ,thought-provoking and informative lectures are arranged. Students are encouraged to raise questions and initiate discussions. One period per week is reserved to make students aware of the social environment and national and international affairs. These sessions are loosely structured and open ended. The teachers and students decide the topics to be dealt with. Reading newspapers, magazines and books, discussions, seminars and debates, inviting prominent persons for interviews are some of the techniques used during this period.


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