Education of the gifted and talented students for leadership development is the goal of Jnana Prabodhini Prashala. Leadership development depends on intelligence as well as personality traits such as originality, vitality, and vision. It is assumed that these traits can be developed in students of superior intelligence and creativity. For the enhancement of these skills, various opportunities are provided.


Group Tasks

Some tasks are assigned to students individually, in pairs, and in groups. These tasks are so chosen as to have an element of surprise, demanding quick and daring decisions, and creative solutions to problems arising unexpectedly. Cleaning public places without disclosing identity, spending some hours in a public place in disguise, are some of the individual tasks. Going to villages, cleaning temples and organizing an impromptu meeting of the villagers, visiting small-scale industries, agitating against antisocial behaviors, composing, singing, and learning new songs are some of the group tasks. When the group task is under the direction of an appointed leader, it is a test of that particular student’s leadership qualities. If no leader is appointed it is a study of group dynamics and how an emergent leader emerges from the members.

Leadership Qualities Development Camps

Camps are specially arranged to train the children for developing various leadership qualities like creative thinking, decision making, communication skill, oratory, writing skills, planning, etc. Such a skill-development program has been inculcated in the school curriculum as well.

Leadership Opportunities :

The students are given ample scope to try out the leader in them. They are

Sports Camps

It was felt that if these students would go to other towns of Maharashtra State, they could give a valuable opportunity to students from other towns to participate in organized games. So sports camps were arranged in summer or winter vacations. Students from IX and X std. made all the arrangements on their own and conducted the camps of 6 to 10 days duration.

Agrani Yojana

This is a good exercise in leadership training. Managing sports centers and organizing camps could be handled by the students because they got experience in planning and execution of school functions. Daily assembly, weekly prayer meetings, lectures, festivals, visits by dignitaries, concerts, sports demonstrations, annual social gatherings, and such events give numerous opportunities in organizing school functions. Making check-lists, group meetings for taking stock of preparations, report-writing, and review-meeting are some of the techniques which are purposefully placed before the students. Work is given to the students grade-wise, house-wise, or individually. The house system is used judiciously, as in any other school, but teaching techniques of planning and execution is an additional input. All this gives the youth leaders excellent training in HR development.


Unique features of education at Jnana Prabodhini Prashala

Education for the gifted children at Jnana Prabodhini