A Day in the Life of Jnana Prabodhini Student

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  • A Day in the Life of Jnana Prabodhini Student

Upasana Mandir

The day starts with the student entering the premises around 10.30, bowing at the entrance of the school, as they feel that the school is a temple of knowledge. The bell rings and the Pragrani orders, 'Prabodhini Attention', it's time for prayers. All the students start for the Upasana Mandir ( Auditorium) in rows. The prayer commences with the National anthem. It is followed by 3 students speaking on the given topics. Then 5 shlokas from 'Geeta-Geetai' are recited. Assembly ends with it and the students return to their classes. Now it's time to get to their assigned classes for Mathematics and English. Doing sums, participating in discussions, debates, performing a skit, reading .... continues till the lunch break.

All gather in the hall, sit in circles with their friends, recite the prayer and enjoy food. The bell again reminds them to return to classes. Lectures continue. A teacher is reading out a story, someone is making them recite Sanskrit shlokas, some students are busy in the labs with their projects, some are doing reference work in the library or reading books. Thus go the periods and its time to 'Express' oneself.

Expression skills

The Expression skills period brings excitement and curiosity and a lot of fun as children are learning instruments, sculptures, making rangoli, vocal music, drawing, painting, and so on. The teachers are giving guidelines and children are coming up with creative outputs. No one knows how an hour has passed. The bell at 4.30 again reminds them to stop and proceed further to the physical activities. Children quickly change and get ready for the evening sports activity.

There they mix with children from other classes in their own 'Pathak' (group) and warm-up and play kho-kho, kabaddi, do gymnastics and yoga for an hour with their guide, 'a Dada' who is six-seven years older than them. Another day they would be singing inspirational songs or engrossed in listening to motivating stories of patriots, kings, and freedom fighters. Then the day ends with the singing of the school prayer and everyone gets back home around 7 p.m. with many plans in the mind waiting for the next day.

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