Biology Laboratory

The biology laboratory in Jnana Prabodhini Prashala is a lively place where the students enjoy doing projects, experiments, observations, etc. Students from all classes use the Biology laboratory to do many experiments to their fullest extent. The laboratory is equipped with many specimens useful for studying the Biology curriculum which is set for the students of the C.B.S.E. Board. Nearly all the specimens from the group of kingdom Animalia & some from kingdom Plantae are available. Some rare specimens which generally are not seen in high-school level labs are present here e.g. models of eyes, heart, insectivorous plants, types of snakes, bats, some marines species, etc. The aquarium makes the lab lively and attractive. Some decorative fish, some common fish are reared & observations of their structures, reproductions as an ecosystem are noted down by the students.

Following additional materials are available in Biology laboratory.
  • Common stains as well as microbiological stains
  • Slides & cover slips
  • More than 20 Microscopes – any time available for students
  • Dry specimens – Bird's nests, stuffed birds, Honey comb, starfish, conches & shells, cones of some gymnosperms, natural human skeleton.
  • Some plants are purposely planted to enhance the observation skills of students. There are indoor as well as outdoor plants.


Physics laboratory

For a most fundamental subject like physics, our school has developed a well-furnished lab, to which open access is given to students so that they can do experiments anytime on any day.

All important branches of physics like

  • Optics
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Mechanics
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Sound and waves can be studied in our lab experimentally.
Physics Lab :

Physics being experimental science, we have made sure that instruments that can help measure all fundamentals SI quantities like length, time, mass, current, temperature to a sufficient degree of accuracy are present in our .....All major laws Ohm's, Boyles, laws, Kirchhoff’s laws, etc. can be verified in our laboratory and many experiments beyond the scope in school can be performed in our laboratory.


Chemistry Laboratory

We have a well-equipped chemistry laboratory where our students carry out their practical work and projects. The various organic & inorganic reagents & instruments like cathode ray tube, pH meter, colorimeter, conductometer, centrifuge machine, oven, etc. are freely accessible to students of all classes. Students often conduct experiments in our laboratory out of their own interests. In order to assist them & ensure their safety, a lab assistant is always at hand. At a time 20 students can perform practical in this laboratory.